CNC Plasma Gantry Kits

IntelliCut Gantry Type Series

Introducing our new IntelliCut CNC plasma gantry kits. Designed for cutting large steel plates our cnc plasma gantry kits combine heavy duty contruction and precision machining.

With the ability to combine multiple plasma and flame cutting torches, IntelliCut has the solution for you.

IntelliCut CNC Plasma Gantry Kit

Fast, accurate, powerful and smart.

If you need to cut large steel plates then you need a CNC plasma gantry machine. IntelliCut has many different options, depending on your requirement MTO will assist you in finding the best gantry cutting solution from start to finish. .


Cutting Mode: Plasma / Flame.
Drive Mode: AC Servo motor, Dual-Drive.
Driving Motor: Panasonic / YASKAWA.
CNC Controller: Hypertherm EDGE CONNECT TC; EDGE CONNECT; LKNC-3200.
Software: Fastcam, SmartNest, Hypertherm, SigmaNest.

Optional extras

  • Drilling head (Up to 25mm thick / Diameter: 5 - 30mm)
  • Powder marking device
  • Straight line stripe cutting torch
  • Straight line triple beveling torch
  • Rotary triple flame curve beveling torch
  • Rotary plasma curve beveling torch
  • Blow and draft dust and fume collection system
  • Water surface and underwater cutting table


Pics here

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