New Hydraulic Press Brakes

IntelliFab Series Two

IntelliFab Series Two delivers quality you can trust and
bending performance you can rely on.

Our Series Two NC hydraulic press brake range is designed
to deliver maximum value with robust build quality
and great features.

New hydraulic press brakes

New for Generation 2 - higher quality build & mechanical crowning included!

Intelligent features for better fabrication.

Our new hydraulic press brakes include a 2 axis NC control and highly accurate motorised backstops to improve productivity and reduce wastage. Premium components and a high build quality make this press brake a dependable work horse for high volume, mid to low mix bending for your fabrication works.


When designing IntelliFab Series Two, we started with the goal of achieving a high performance hydraulic press brake, at a reasonable cost. We then gathered feedback from our clients on what mix of features and components mattered most to them in a hydraulic press brake that didn’t break the bank. The result is IntelliFab Series 2 - our no nonsense, high performance press brake delivering the right quality, at the right price.


  • The same premium build quality you find on our Series 1 and synchronised CNC hydraulic press brakes.
  • Rigid frame with deep throat, machined to high tolerances.
  • High quality components throughout - hydraulics, pump, electrics, motor, cylinders, control, backstop fingers and tooling are all selected for the highest performance at this price point with most spares readily available in South Africa.
  • Intelligent approach to the operator’s needs, such as easy to understand and flexible NC control, fast, accurate backstop, quick release tool clamps, adjustable front support arms, quick release height adjustable fingers, full height side and rear safety guards and more.
  • Excellent post sales support, including a 12 month parts and labour warranty.


  • Full length mechanical crowning as standard - from 2500mm bed length.
  • Available in bed sizes from 1500mm to 6000mm.
  • Available in capacities from 40 ton to 600 ton.
  • Control: E21 NC pendant control with 40 programs, 25 steps per program and quick bend functions.
  • Electrical: Schneider.
  • Seals: NOK Japan.
  • Motor: Siemens.
  • Pump: USA made gear pump.
  • Hydraulics: Bosch/Rexroth.
  • Foot pedal: Up and down, with safety switch.
  • Backstops: Running on ball screws with linear guides.
  • Fingers: Quick release, flip up, multi-level backgauge fingers with R axis height adjustment.
  • Bottom tools: Multi vee die.
  • Top tools: Top goose-neck tooling.
  • Clamping: Adjustable wedge quick release top tooling clamps.
  • Workpiece support: Adjustable left, right, up and down front support arms.
  • Parallelism: Rigid torsion bar keeps top beam and base parallel.
  • Beam adjustment: Mechanical stop nuts ensure accurate depth setting.
  • Movement: Inching, single, automatic modes with fast approach to workpiece, stop and reverse.
  • Safety rear: Full cage rear safety system.
  • Safety side: Side safety guards.
  • Guarantee: 12 months parts and labour, see terms and conditions of sale.


Click on the model in the table below to download the relevant pdf spec-sheets:

Model Press force (kn) Bending length (mm) Width between columns (mm) Depth of throat (mm) Opening height (mm) Slide stroke (mm) Motor power (kw) Weight (kg's) Dimensions (mm)
40T/1600 400 1600 1200 250 330 100 4 2500 1700x1200x1910
63T/2500 630 2500 1900 250 320 100 5.5 4000 2500x1300x2210
63T/3200 630 3200 2560 250 320 100 5.5 4800 3200x1300x2210
80T/2500 800 2500 1990 300 320 100 7.5 5700 2500×1400×2300
125T/3200 1250 3200 2580 320 370/400 120/150 7.5/11 7200 3200x1600x2600
160T/3200 1600 3200 2600 320 460 200 11 10500 3200x1700x2700
200T/3200 2000 3200 2500 320 460 200 11 12500 3200x1950x2800
250T/3200 2500 3200 2500 400 590 250 18.5 18500 3300x2000x3200
300T/3200 3000 3200 2530 400 590 250 22 20500 3200×2000×3450
400T/3200 4000 3200 2500 400 590 250 30 28500 3500×2000×3450
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