New IntelliCut Series Two CNC Plasma Steel Cutting Machine


New IntelliCut Series Two CNC Plasma Steel Cutting Machine

  • Power: 220V single-phase; 380V 3-phase.
  • Bed Size (Working Area): 3100x1600mm – 4100x2100mm.
  • Free Standing Rigid Bed Design.
  • Light to Heavy duty cutting with 100% duty cycle.
  • Precision motion.
  • Stepper or high speed Servo Motor driven.
  • Water Bed.
  • Touch screen CNC Controller either Mach3 or Phoenix operating software.
  • Omic and/or plate sensing with THC.
  • Controlled torch breakaway and auto stop.
  • Standard to advance nesting program.
  • Low maintenance cost.
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More information on our New CNC Series 2 Plasma Steel Cutting Machine available for sale, is listed below:

Standard features:

  • Plasma Bed: Waterbed for minimal smoke pollution and heat deformation
  • Controls: Mach3 Customized Controller / Hypertherm Micro edge pro
  • Motors: Stepper Motors / Servo Motors
  • THC: Arc Voltage Torch Height Control with electronic plate sensing / ArcGlide Technology THC with Ohmic and Stall Force Plate Sensing
  • Motion: High Accuracy
  • Duty Cycle: High
  • Safety: E-Stop; obstacle detection Magnetic torch break away with safety cut-off feature, X & Y Limit Switches


  • Robust heavy duty machine
  • Fully customisable to client requirements
  • More than 80mm plate carrying capacity
  • Compact footprint
  • Highly Efficient
  • Quick installation & Commissioning
  • Ease of Operation
  • Environmentally friendly - Low Carbon footprint
  • High Rapid Speeds – 20 000 – 30 000mm/min
  • Rigid Lightweight heavy duty aluminum Gantry – Utilize optimum cutting speeds

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