Used pyramid rolls, plate rolls and bending rolls for sale.

Whether you require used heavy pyramid rolls, plate rolls or bending rolls, or pre-owned lighter application motorised slip rolls you can find your ideal sheet metal forming tool right here. We have motorised and hydraulic plate rolls for sale. We sell our used sheet metal bending rolls in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia. Looking for a new plate roller? Click here.

All of our used machine tools are:

  • Multi-point checked by our fitters and electricians
  • Quality checked and/or refurbished and painted
  • Supplied with a 3 month guarantee (where applicable)
  • Can be supplied at your request with new wear and tear parts such as blades, vee dies and other tooling.

What is a used pyramid, plate or bending rolls?

A roll bender is a mechanical jig having three rollers used to form a metal bar into a circular arc. The rollers freely rotate about three parallel axes, which are arranged with uniform horizontal spacing. The two outer rollers have the same fixed vertical height and make contact with the underside of the bar to be formed. The middle roller has an adjustable height and makes contact with the topside of the bar.

The bar to be shaped is assumed to have a uniform cross-section, but not necessarily rectangular, as long as there are no overhanging contours, i.e. positive draft. Such bars are often formed by extrusion. The bar is suspended between the rollers. The end rollers support the bottomside of the bar and have a matching contour (inverse shape) to it. so to maintain the cross-sectional shape. Likewise, the middle roller is forced against the topside of the bar and has a matching contour to it.