Used welding machines for sale.

Buy used welding machines from Machine Tools Online. Choose from spot welders, mig welders and tig welders to suit your needs. We sell our used welding machines in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia.

What is a welding machine?

There are many methods of welding, but all of them use heat that result in melting, fusion and joining. Welding machines come in many varieties including hand held and automatic CNC welders, performing many welds per operation or over a short period of time.

Types of welding machines

The first type is that of resistance welding, which is most common in spot welders. Spot welding occurs when current is passed through two plates of metal that are forced together. The current is sufficient for the plates to fuse and form a small metal nugget where the current passes through that holds them together.

Another type of commonly used welding is arc welding. This process can be either Mig or Tig welding. The difference between Mig and Tig welding lies in the process. Mig welding uses a continuously feeding spool of welding wire that melts and fuses both the base and parent metals together. Tig welding uses long welding rods that are fed into the weld puddle and requires more skill and finesse. Tig welding is typically used for thinner gauge materials as the power can be made to be low enough not to melt the base or parent material.

All of our used machine tools are:

  • Multi-point checked by our fitters and electricians
  • Quality checked and/or refurbished and painted
  • Supplied with a 3 month guarantee (where applicable)
  • Can be supplied at your request with new wear and tear parts such as blades, vee dies and other tooling.