CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes

IntelliFab Synchronised

IntelliFab CNC press brakes combine the highest bending
performance with superior quality you can trust.

Expect nothing but the best features, build quality
and value for your money.

New cnc hydraulic press brakes

Intelligence inside for automated fabrication.

Our flagship range of new CNC synchronised hydraulic press brakes are standard with 4 axes (Y1,Y2,X,R), full colour, fully featured CNC control, synchronised hydraulics and highly accurate multi-axis servo driven backstops to maximise productivity and flexibility. State of the art components, tooling and a European build quality make this press brake the ultimate solution for high volume, high mix bending for your fabrication works.


When designing the IntelliFab CNC press brake, we started with the goal of achieving the highest performance 4 - 6 axis CNC hydraulic press brake, at a reasonable cost. Feedback gathered from our clients pointed us in the direction of European build quality, a mix of features and components that delivered a very high level of performance and value for money. The result is the IntelliFab Synchronised Hydraulic CNC Press brake - our highest performing press brake with the right quality, at the right price.


  • Premium 'Made for Europe' build quality.
  • Rigid frame with deep throat, machined to high tolerances.
  • Premium components throughout - hydraulics, pump, electrics, motor, cylinders, control, backstop fingers and tooling are all selected for the highest performance and reliability with most spares readily available in South Africa.
  • Intelligent approach to the operator’s needs, with a fully featured full colour CNC control with up to 6 axes, fast, accurate multi-axis backstop, adjustable width and height front support arms on linear guides, quick release Z axis and servo motor R axis height adjustable fingers, full height side and rear safety guards and more.
  • CNC controlled fully dynamic hydraulic crowning for accurate full length bends, every time.
  • Excellent post sales support, including a 12 month parts and labour warranty.


  • Available in bed sizes from 1500mm to 6000mm and Tandem.
  • Available in capacities from 40 ton to 600 ton.
  • Control: Delem DA 56S (4 axis) or Delem DA 66T (6 axis) controls with bright displays, 3D visualisation, bend sequencing, impact detection, developed length calculation, tool/material/product library, network connectivity and much more.
  • Electrical: Siemens.
  • Seals: NOK Japan.
  • Motor: Siemens, Germany.
  • Pump: Voith, Germany.
  • Hydraulics: Hoerbieger, Germany.
  • Foot pedal: Up and down, with safety switch.
  • Backstops: Running on ball screws with linear guides.
  • Fingers: Quick release Z axis, flip up, multi-level backgauge fingers with servo drive R axis height adjustment.
  • Bottom tools: Multi vee die.
  • Top tools: Top goose-neck tooling.
  • Clamping: Adjustable wedge quick release top tooling clamps.
  • Workpiece support: Quick release adjustable left, right, up and down front support arms on linear guides.
  • Parallelism: Synchronised hydraulic cylinders with high resolution Heidenhein scales.
  • Crowning: CNC controlled, fully dynamic crowning.
  • Movement: Inching, single, automatic modes with fast approach to workpiece, stop and reverse.
  • Safety rear: Full cage rear safety system.
  • Safety side: Side safety guards.
  • Safety tools: Optional AKAS/LaserSafe systems.
  • Guarantee: 12 months parts and labour, see terms and conditions of sale.


Click on the model in the table below to download the relevant pdf spec-sheets:

Model Bending force (kN) Bending length (mm) Width between columns (mm) Throat depth (mm) Ram stroke (mm) Oil tank volume (l) Motor power (kW) Weight (kg's) Dimensions (mm)
80T/2550 800 2550 2150 350 175 230 7.5 6800 3140x1540x2240
110T/3100 1100 3100 2600 410 215 300 11 9800 3590x1540x2530
110T/4100 1100 4100 3600 410 215 360 11 11800 4590x1540x2530
160T/3100 1600 3100 2600 410 215 380 15 11900 3610x1600x2590
160T/4100 1600 4100 3600 410 215 430 15 15000 4610x1600x2590
220T/3100 1600 3100 2600 410 215 400 18.5 15000 3630x1830x2630
220T/4100 2000 4100 3600 410 215 500 18.5 18100 4630x1830x2730
250T/3100 2500 3100 2600 410 215 400 18.5 15100 3630x1830x2630
250T/4100 2500 4100 3600 410 215 500 18.5 18200 4630x1830x2730
300T/3100 3000 3100 2600 410 265 450 22 20500 3600x1950x2750
300T/4100 3000 4100 3600 410 265 600 22 24400 4600x1950x3000
400T/4100 4000 4100 3200 510 315 1000 30 31500 4400x2150x3600
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