Used lock forming machines for sale.

Used lockformers available from Machine Tools Online. Lockformers and flanging machines for most kinds of locks, such as pittsburgh lock rolls. Seam cleats, standing seam rolls, right angle rolls, drive cleat rolls, double seam rolls and Z-cleats. Our lock forming machines are available to clients in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia. Looking for new folding machines? Click here.

What is a lock forming machine?

A lockformer is used mainly in the roofing and gutter manufacturing industries. A piece of light sheet metal is fed through a set of profile rollers and forms a ‘cleat’ or ‘seam’ that can then be interlocked. Lock forming machines are able to produce various types of profiles with a few simple adjustments and tooling.

All of our used machine tools are:

  • Multi-point checked by our fitters and electricians

  • Quality checked and/or refurbished and painted

  • Supplied with a 3 month guarantee (where applicable)

  • Can be supplied at your request with new wear and tear parts such as blades, vee dies and other tooling.