Pictures of our work and machinery for sale

Here at Machine Tools Online we do come across some cool mchinery in the industry. From classic refurbishments, to massive rigging and transport projects and robotic automation, we geek out over machine tools every week. Check out before and afters of refurbished lathes, refurbished milling machines, refurbished press brakes, refurbished guillotines and more. We will also post pictures of anything huge, fast, automatic, CNC or just plain awesome to see. Check back every now and then as we add content.

MTO Before and Afters - restoring used machine tools for clients.

We can offer a refurbishment and/or painting service to our clients when purchasing used machine tools. Examples of our handy work are below:

Machine Spotting - see our machine tools and those of our partners in the wild.

See our new machine tools and used machine tools on the road, in the air (!) and in the factories where they reliably cut, bend and shape metal for our valued clients. From CNC hydraulic pressbrakes, plate rolls and plasma cutters to milling machines and hydraulic guillotines our machines and those of our partners pop up in some strange places!