New Hydraulic Guillotines


IntelliCut delivers quality you can trust and
shearing performance you can rely on.

Our new hydraulic guillotines are designed to deliver
maximum value with robust build quality
and great features.

New hydraulic guillotines

Intelligent features for better cutting performance.

Our new hydraulic guillotines include a 1 axis NC control and fast, highly accurate motorised backstops to improve your cutting performance, decreasing wastage and cost per cut. Premium components and a high build quality make this hydraulic guillotine a strong, dependable component of your fabrication work flow.


It usually all starts with the hydraulic guillotine - a repeatable, highly accurate shearing process is a crucial foundation to the fabrication process. We kept this in mind when designing the IntelliCut and including a mix of features and components that exceed client expectations. The result is IntelliCut, our workhorse new hydraulic guillotine, delivering the right quality at the right price, cut after cut.


  • The same premium build quality you find on our hydraulic press brake range.
  • Rigid frame machined to high tolerances.
  • High quality components throughout - hydraulics, pump, electrics, motor, cylinders, control, and blades are all selected for the highest performance at this price point with most spares readily available in South Africa.
  • Intelligent approach to the operator’s needs, such as easy to understand and flexible NC control, fast, accurate backstop, squaring and support arms with flip over stops, roller table, flip up front safety guard, sheet ejectors and more.
  • Excellent post sales support, including a 12 month parts and labour warranty.


  • Available in bed sizes from 2500mm to 6000mm.
  • Available in capacities from 4mm to 16mm.
  • Control: Programmable Estun E21-S control with 40 programs, 25 steps per program.
  • Electrics: Schneider.
  • Seals: NOK seals (Japan).
  • Motor: Siemens motor.
  • Pump: USA made gear pump.
  • Hydraulics: Bosch Rexroth valves.
  • Backstops: automatic, motorised running on ballscrews with linear guides.
  • Blade gap: Manual adjustment.
  • Shadow cutting line.
  • Foot pedal: Heavy duty with emergency stops.
  • Material support: Side squaring arm and front supports with flip over stops and squaring discs.
  • Material handling: Rollers on table for smooth material handling.
  • Material ejection: rear slider plates for material.
  • Movement: Single and continuous stroke.
  • Front safety: front blade guards with safety micro switches.
  • Rear safety: Side guards with light curtain and saftey stop.
  • Guarantee: 12 months parts and labour, see terms and conditions of sale.


Click on the model in the table below to download the relevant pdf spec-sheets:

Model Cutting capacity Cutting length (mm) Cutting angle Backgauge reach (mm) Backgauge speed (mm / sec) No. of hold-down pads Motor power (kw) Weight (kg's) Dimensions (mm)
4mm/2500 4mm 2500 1° 30’ 20 - 500 150 12 5.5 3800 3040x1610x1620
4mm/3200 4mm 3200 1° 30’ 20 - 500 150 14 5.5 5000 3840x1610x1620
6mm/3200 6mm 3200 1° 30’ 20 - 750 150 14 7.5 6000 3840x1610x1620
8mm/3200 8mm 3200 1° 30’ 20 - 750 150 14 7.5 7200 3860x1700x1700
10mm/3200 10mm 3200 20 - 750 150 14 11 8000 3860x1700x1700
12mm/3200 12mm 3200 1° 40’ 20 - 750 150 14 18.5 10800 3880x2150x2000
16mm/3200 16mm 3200 2° 30’ 20 - 750 150 14 18.5 13000 3880x2150x2000
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