Our industry leading guarantees.

To maintain client satisfaction, we offer an extended 12 month guarantee against hydraulic and mechanical breakdown on our larger range of new IntelliCut guilltoines and IntelliFab pressbrakes. Our other new stock items carry a 6 month guarantee. Used items can carry up to 3 month guarantees.

Spare parts off the shelf.

Essential spare parts for our Intelli machines range (IntelliFab and and IntelliCut), such as hydraulic valves can be bought from your local hydraulic supplier. Seals and "O" rings are available from any local seal supplier. Electrical components, which are Siemens, Telemechanique and Schneider, are also available at most electrical outlets.

At your service.

We have a qualified hydraulic fitter and electrician. While commissioning your machines our fitter will explain all the workings to your operator, ensuring that you are able to enjoy all of the functionality and benefits of our machines.