IntelliTips Ep. 2: The New Hypertherm XPR300 Plasma Cutter - aluminium cutting in high definition!

When our friends at CNC Clearcut called us to let us know the new Hypertherm XPR300 had touched down at their offices, we just had to get ourselves over there. We have plenty of clients looking for aluminium and stainless steel cutting that rivals laser, at a fraction of the cost. The XPR300 is just what the doctor ordered. Cutting aluminium on a laser is expensive, relative to mild steel, because of the properties of aluminium, for example - it is very reflective and can even reflect enough laser radiation back into the cutting head to cause severe damage.

The new Hypertherm XPR300 incorporates their next generation X-Definition technologies, to provide faster cutting, improved quality of cut, massively reduced costs, and dramatically increased consumable lifespan. Of particular interest is the Vented Water Injection technology, which improves stainless and especially aluminium cutting so dramatically it has to be seen to be believed. Check out our latest IntelliTips video to see more! To browse our CNC plasma cutting tables, click here.