New IntelliCut Series One NC Motorised Guillotines


New IntelliCut Series One NC Motorised Guillotines

  • Control: Programmable Estun E21-S control with 40 programs and 25 steps per program.
  • Cutting capacity from: 1300mm x 4mm mild steel capacity
  • Motor: 5.5 kw brake motor
  • Full commissioning pack included for turnkey installation, just add electricity.


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More information on our New IntelliCut Series One 'Truecut' guillotine with programmable backstop and E21 Control available for sale, is listed below:

  • Drive: Direct gearbox drive design for accurate and powerful cutting
  • Frame: Heavy cast frame and a thick table for rigidity and strength
  • Electrics: Schneider
  • Backstops: 0-500mm accurate, automatic adjustment back gauge, running on polished rods with 0.01mm accuracy
  • Blade gap: Manual adjustment
  • Foot pedal: Heavy duty with emergency stop
  • Material support: Side squaring arm and front supports
  • Material handling: hold downs to grip material before cutting
  • Material ejection: rear slider plate for material
  • Movement: Single and continuous stroke
  • Front safety: front blade guards
  • Guarantee: 6 months parts and labour, see terms and conditions of sale
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